John Latini



Smokin' Sleddog Records is thrilled to announce John Latini has once again nabbed the title of Solo Detroit Blues Challenge Winner!  That's 2008, 2009 and 2016.  He will represent Detroit at the International Blues Challenge taking place in Memphis, Tennessee in January 2016!  Congratulations Jonesy!
"John Latini is as dextrous in conversation as he is on the guitar.  His is the kind of persona that alters everything nearby with its power and charisma.  Latini's presentation is absolutely irresistible.  Th ultimate extrovert, he exudes confidence, good humor, wit, and an affectionate attachment to life.  It's hard not to be taken with his left-of-center observations and his gentle intimations of the absurdities of the world.  I could talk here about Latini's guitar skills, but you'll have to listen to the recordings yourself.  Let me just say this--he plays passing chords that have "13th" in their names--one after another.  While he defies categorization, Latini has won lots of awards, often for blues.  His voice, his gravitas, and his subject matter are reminiscent of the blues, but his chord structures, disarmingly affectionate wit, and eclecticism transcend that musical format.  He commands the stage and rules the room when he plays or speaks."  
-Ken Hardley, Rolling Hills Radio
Be sure to check the Calendar for show dates, events and workshops!  The spring and summer schedule is filling in with solo, duo and band dates...see you out there.  New CD coming this summer!